Synchronise my Gmail accounts


What it is

Bloobirds uses Gmail's native functionality to smoothly synchronise the Gmail accounts you use to contact your prospects.Screenshot_2021-07-19_at_03.56.23.png

How it works

Go to Bloobird's webapp and on your user's menu, select User Settings.
On your personal settings, go to the Email tab. Here you can connect, set as default and disconnect the Gmail accounts you use to prospect.

To add an account, click on Sign in with Google.
The Gmail sign in window opens up and you can choose an existing gmail account or add a new one to be synchronised with Bloobirds.
The first time you add an account an alert message opens up, click on Advanced.
Click on Go to
Click on Allow.
The Gmail account has been successfully added to Bloobirds and is synchronised!

Pay attention to

Zapier integrations

If your Bloobirds account was created before December 2019 check with your sales manager as the Zapier may need to be deactivated before you are able to use Gmail's native functionality.

Gmail button

If you are new to Bloobirds and the synchronising button does not show on your Bloobirds webapp, get in touch with us and we will activate the email button on your settings.

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