I did not receive an email

If you have not received an incoming email, it can be due to different reasons.


Not registered email

The lead has answered from a different email than the one registered on Bloobirds.
Despite this, you will be able to see the email coming in your Gmail account.

To solve this, add the email address to the lead's profile on Bloobirds.
If you need to add email fields because the lead has several email address, contact our Bloobirds' support team, we will be happy to assist you.

Out of the office

Sometimes out of the office replies come from a different email address than the lead's.
You can decide on whether you want to register the out of the office email address as a new lead to receive this emails, or not.

Find out here how to do it.

Two leads with the same email

If the lead's email is registered on Bloobirds but you have not received the incoming email, it could be that the same email is associated to more than one lead.

To solve this, you will need to ensure the email is only used for one lead.

Go to the Lists section, select the LEADS tab and click on COLUMNS.
Select the Email checkbox.
Now Bloobirds will include the email address on the columns and you can filter by email address to verify which leads have the same email address associated.
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