Improving dialer's call quality

Here we present you with some reasons why your calls may be dropping and recommendations to ensure call quality and stability.



If you prefer to use Wi-Fi, make sure to use a professional Wi-Fi connection (at least 802.11ac) because it offers greater stability and is able to handle a greater amount of users simultaneously.

Moreover, make sure you are connected to the 5 GHz bandwidth instead of the 2.4 GHz.



Bloobirds requires approximately 64 Kbps (upstream and downstream) for each simultaneous call.

Please make sure you are not using a software that uses up a great amount of bandwidth, in order to keep your calls clear and interruption free.


Quality of service

Set up a quality of service (QoS) on your router.

This will allow you to keep a good call quality because it prioritises the voice traffic when someone else in your team is using Internet in a simultaneous and excessive way.
Please do carry out this network test in order to estimate your current network bandwidth and ports opening.


Professional headsets

Always use headsets when making a call on Bloobirds.

Using professional headsets you can have an excellent audio quality and avoid audio feedback loops (i.e. when the microphone and the speakers listen to each other).

These are our recommendations for the operating systems:

  • MacOS (Apple): use wireless headsets with mini-jack connectivity
  • Windows (Microsoft): use wireless headsets or with USB connectivity
Our favourite headsets are Java Evolve 40 Stereo.

We do not recommend the use of Bluetooth and wireless headsets, because they are more likely to drop the connection and cause quality problems during your calls.


Internet bandwidth

As a ballpark figure, there should be 1Mbps available per person (0.125Mo/s) this is an adequate speed for Bloobirds and all the additional execution software.

We strongly recommend you to:

  • Use an Ethernet connectivity cable
  • Close the transmission services (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) while Bloobirds is being used, to preserve the bandwidth.


A double Ethernet connection cable brings a greater bandwidth stability and greater call quality.
Make sure to switch off your Wi-Fi connection after plugging your Ethernet cable.
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