How can I call a company?


How to call from Bloobirds

To call a company, it needs to have at least one lead added. In case you only have the general number of the company, add it as a lead.

Go to the company's view, select the lead you want to call, and click on the phone icon.
The dialer will open up, select the number you want to call from and click on the phone icon to start the call.
As soon as the lead picks up, the notes box will appear, where you will be able to register the most important bits of the conversation.
We recommend you have the Qualifying Questions list ready to fill them in during the conversation.
Once you finish the call, a pop up will appear which will request you to fill in the call result. Find out all about it in this article.

How to call from Salesforce or LinkedIn

When you are navigating Salesforce or LinkedIn, you will have the dialer available at all times to make a call. This is how it works:

Calling from anywhere on these platforms

This will require you to know the number that you are going to call. It's not the more intuitive but take this as if you simply take your cellphone and dial a number manually.

Calling leads from their profiles

This is where things get a bit more interesting, whenever you are visiting the profile of a lead in any of these platforms, you can call them directly from here. If the lead is already on your database, this is how the bubble will look like:


If you click on the green phone icon, then our dialer will open, offering you the possibility to call the lead while having the pitch you need in front of you.

How can Bloobirds help me with my pitch?

Bloobirds automatically selects the messaging according to the company’s target market and scenario, as well as the lead’s ideal customer profile.

This allows you to customize your messaging so that you are relevant to the person you are speaking with. 

For example:
  • The Head of Marketing is interested in how your solution can make their marketing campaigns more effective and reach a greater amount of potential clients. 
  • The Head of Sales is interested in how to increase sales revenue for the coming 6 months.
Relevant messaging states how your solution can benefit each of your ICP’s emphasizing the key features that will help them achieve their personal objectives.
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