Customise lists columns


What is this?

Bloobirds offers your the possibility to customise the information displayed on your lists by choosing the columns within the same category or across categories.

This means that for example, within a list of leads (lead category), you can add columns with information relating to the lead (same category) or relating to the company (cross-category).



How does it work? 

Click on the Lists section on top of the page and choose for which category you want to customise the information displayed: companies, leads, meetings, activities or tasks.
Once in the category selected, click on Columns. In this example, the category selected is Leads.
A window will open up, on the first section you decide the category the columns will be added from.
In this example, to the Leads list (category selected), you can add columns with lead information (same category) and you can add columns with information coming from the company (cross-category) the lead is associated to.
Click on the category you want to add the columns from and choose the fields you want to add.
Note that the fields are clustered into field groups.
When finished selecting the columns, click on ACCEPT.
If you click on BACK, no changes will be saved.
And then click on CONFIRM to save the changes and go back to the list view.
On the second section of the window, you can see which columns are currently being displayed and rank them by using the arrows on the right or delete them by clicking on the cross.
When done, click on CONFIRM to save the changes and go back to the list view.
If you want to save this as a new list and have it available in the future, click on Save.
Type in the name of the new list and decide if you want to be the only who can edit and view or you want to share it with the rest of your team.
Use the Add Tag feature to create your own list classification system.
And click on SAVE.

The filtered list will be available in All my lists section.


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