Company status



When a company is created, it is by default in status New. 
Market Research may decide to keep it in this status until all the necessary information is filled in.


Market Research decides to change the status to Backlog when a company is ready to be assigned to an SDR.

Companies on status Backlog will appear on the section Assign until they are allocated to an SDR.


A company that has been assigned to an SDR and has no leads associated is in the status Delivered.


Finding leads

A company goes into this status when the SDR adds a first lead and it will remain until the SDR has found enough leads to start prospecting.

Bloobirds recommends to have found at least 2 leads before starting to prospect.


Ready to prospect

A company goes into this status when the SDR has found enough leads to start prospecting and clicks on CONFIRM LEADS.
When a company's cadence is rescheduled with the date of today or into the future it will also go into Ready to prospect until a first attempt is made. Then the company will go into On prospection and the cadence will start.

On prospection

When the SDR begins prospecting the leads and makes a first attempt, the status becomes On prospection and the cadence starts.
On prospection means that the company is following the cadence but the SDR has not yet been able to get in touch with any of the leads.
When a company's cadence is rescheduled on a date in the past, as long as there are cadence activities suggested f the status also changes to On Prospection.



When the SDR has a Correct contact this is, gets in touch with the right person, the lead and the corresponding company should be updated to status Contacted.



When the lead has demonstrated an interest in the solution and has answered the qualifying questions, the SDR changes the status of the lead to Engaged. The status of the company changes accordingly.



When the SDR schedules a meeting between a lead and the Account Executive, the company gets the status Meeting.



When the Account Executive after meeting a lead, considers there is business potential, registers a meeting result as Qualified, and the status of the company is automatically updated on Bloobirds as Account.



When the Account Executive signs a contract, updates the status of the opportunity as closed won on the CRM.

The status of the company is synchronised automatically on Bloobirds. The company is already a Client and continues to exist on Bloobirds under this status.



When it has not been possible to contact any lead after the defined cadence, the company status is set to Nurturing.

Marketing continues to target the company with tailored messages, but it is not actively prospected. If the company starts to be prospected again, the SDR changes its status to On Prospection.



When the qualifying questions show that the qualified company is not a potential client, the SDR will discard it. The reason for being discarded must be filled on Bloobirds field Reasons.
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