Task bar sections


What is it?

You can find the task bar always visible on the left of your Bloobirds app screen.

The task bar is designed to help you follow the outbound sales workflow, the number on each section indicates if there are pending actions.

Depending on your permissions and role in the company, you will be able to see all, or only some of the task sections.


The task bar can be divided in two main groups: prospect and sales.


How does it work?


This task group is designed to assist the work of the Market Research and SDR until a meeting is scheduled and the prospect becomes an opportunity.

It consists of three main parts: inbound, company qualification & enrichment and prospecting.



Most companies miss on the great sales opportunities marketing generates by not properly managing the inbound funnel.

This section is specially designed to qualify the marketing inbound leads and pass them on to the sales team who will start prospecting them.


On the MQL section the marketing team can validate the leads that come in through marketing (i.e. web form) and pass them on to sales. 


The leads can be accepted and marked as Marketing AAA with the star, accepted with the tick or rejected with the cross by the marketing team.


If accepted by marketing, the leads will appear on the SAL (Sales Accepted Lead) section, to be once again accepted or rejected by the sales team.


Rejected leads

Any leads rejected by the marketing or sales team, will disappear from the inbound activity section but will remain on the Lists (on the top menu bar) among the Leads.


Company Qualification & Enrichment

Bloobirds has two sections dedicated to assisting market research.

Add QC

On this section market research can create qualified companies, add them to a target market and register essential information before passing them on to the SDR.

Companies to qualify

When a company is created, it will be on status NEW and will appear on the list Companies to qualify.

Find out how to create a company step by step. 
If market research considers all the necessary information has been filled in and the company is ready to be passed on to an SDR, will change the company status from NEW to BACKLOG.
The company will disappear from the Add QC section and will appear on the Assign section.

Leads without QC

The list shows leads that have come in through inbound and have been validated by Marketing and Sales.
Market research has to find and assign the corresponding company to each of the inbound leads so that the SDR can start prospecting them.
These companies the highest probability to buy your services since they have already shown interest in your solution!

Company rating

On the company form, market research can establish priority among companies by assigning a rating to each of them. 
This feature is very useful when assigning companies as the list grows quickly!


On this section, companies are assigned to each of the SDR team members.
Find out how to assign companies step by step.
When assigning the companies, it is extremely important to keep a steady and consistent workload inflow. 
Take into account the team members skills, current workload and progress made with the companies on the sales funnel

Bloobirds indicates with different colours the companies on each of the stages for you to easily decide how to best allocate the backlog.


Bloobirds has two sections dedicated to assist the Sales Development Representative.

Add leads

This section is specially designed to add leads to the qualified companies assigned to you.
We recommend to fill in all the information available on the lead as soon as it is available to you.
Leads can be classified according to their ideal customer profile (ICP) and target market. 
Once the leads are added, remember to click on CONFIRM LEADS to start prospecting the company.


This section is dedicated to help the SDR get organised when prospecting the leads.

Once the leads have been added to the qualified company and the SDR has clicked on CONFIRM LEADS, the company will disappear from the Add leads section and appear on Prospect.


At this point, the first attempt will be suggested and the status of the company will go from Finding leads to Ready to prospect.


Ready to prospect

This section is dedicated to start contacting the leads for the first time.

The objective is to assist you keep track of the companies that need to be contacted straight away.

If you have already started contacting the company, make it disappear from this list by carrying out the first attempt and then clicking on Mark as done.



If you have not carried out an attempt, you will not be able to mark the activity as done.


On cadence

The first time you try to contact a lead, the status of the company will change from Ready to prospect to On cadence.
An attempt will be registered and the cadence will start.

An attempt is counted every time a user tries to get in touch with a lead or a lead tries to get in touch with you.
touch is counted every time a contact attempt is successful this is, a correct contact with a lead takes place.
When the SDR manages to get in touch with the right person, the lead and associated qualified company status changes to Contacted and will disappear from the Prospect section.
At the same time, the cadence stops and the SDR will need to work based on the next steps they have manually scheduled from the tasks icon.


Bloobirds offers you the flexibility to plan next steps and tasks aside from the cadence and add them to your Google calendar.
This section shows you the next steps you have scheduled for the coming 7 days.
No one like you can feel what is the best next step to take with a lead moving forward once you have had contact.
As an SDR, it is vital to keep track of the lead and schedule recurring next steps until the meeting with the Account Executive takes place.

Find out how to schedule a next step.


Having a qualified meeting with the lead and Account Executive is an accomplishment!
When a prospect agrees to a meeting, the SDR will book it as an Activity, which can also be saved on the calendar.
When scheduling a meeting activity Bloobirds will automatically trigger the task Contact before meeting
This task can be tracked and marked as complete under the section Meeting reminders. The meeting reminder is sent prior to the actual Meeting and helps the SDR ensure the presence and commitment of the lead.

As a result of scheduling a meeting the lead and associated company status will go into Meeting.



This section is specially designed to prevent any companies from slipping through your fingers.

It shows a list of all companies that are in the pipeline but have no future tasks scheduled.

To take them out of this list you should either reschedule the cadence, schedule future tasks manually or change their status to Nurturing or Discarded.





This section is dedicated to assist the Account Executive pursue sales opportunities and achieve the targets.
Once the meeting has taken place, the Account Executive may decide to qualify it as a sales opportunity and manually change the status to Account.
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