Bloobirds Notetaker for Conferencing: Meet, Zoom, Teams


Bloobirds Notetaker

Bloobirds Notetaker is a new feature that helps you capture key points and takeaways from your meetings directly within your conferencing platform (Zoom, Meet, Teams). Notetaker uses AI to transcribe the conversation, summarize the meeting, and identify action items. This can save you time and ensure you never miss an important detail.


Sending Notetaker

  1. Schedule your meeting in Bloobirds as usual.
  2. In the meeting details view, click the Send Notetaker button to Send it.



Notetaker in action

  • Once the meeting starts, Notetaker will join as a participant.
  • You will see a notification in the chat acknowledging Notetaker's presence.
  • Notetaker will transcribe the conversation once the meeting finishes.

Meet Recording.png


Disabling Notetaker

There are three ways to disable Notetaker:

  • Disable sending: In the meeting details view, click the Send Notetaker button to Remove it.
  • Expel Notetaker: During the meeting, you can remove Notetaker from the participant list.
  • Deactivate Bloobirds extension: Deactivating the Bloobirds extension will disable all Bloobirds features, including Notetaker.

Please note: Only the meeting owner can grant permission for Notetaker to join the meeting.


Benefits of Bloobirds Notetaker

  • Capture key points: Never miss important details again.
  • Save time: Focus on the meeting and let Notetaker take care of the notes.
  • Improve meeting follow-up: Easily review the conversation and action items after the meeting.
  • Identify trends: Analyze past meeting notes to identify recurring themes and improve future conversations.

Bloobirds Notetaker is currently in beta. We are actively working to improve its functionality and look forward to your feedback.

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