What is the difference between Conversion Rates and Historic Conversion Rates?


If you've explored thoroughly the possibilities that the Bloobirds' dashboards offer you, you might have realized that these two dashboards include the same KPIs inside. So then... what's the difference between them? Here's what you need to know:

How Conversion Rates work

In order to show the Conversion Rates, our system calculates the different conversion rates in a specific period of time (for example: from all the leads that were On prospection this month, how many changed to Contacted?). While doing so, Bloobirds will not take into account the different sales cycles (for example: if the same lead is moved back to earlier sales stages several times and then goes through the sales process again, it will only count as one). You can read everything about Conversion Rates here.

Then what's the difference with Historic Conversion Rates?

For Historic Conversion Rates, we offer you the same charts and tables as with Conversion Rates. But in this case, Bloobirds takes into account all the times that an object has passed from one status to the next one, no matter how many times this happened to the same object. For example: if the same lead moved from Contacted to Meeting twice, then it will be reflected as such in the statistics. 

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