How can I create and edit calendar slots?


Calendar slots are a feature that allows you to insert your available calendar slots in an e-mail. Calendar slots are interactive and connected with your calendar. Once a prospect accepts a meeting in one of the slots that you have shared with them, our system will automatically create a new meeting in your calendar and block that slot so that other prospects can't schedule a meeting in that slot.


How can I create calendar slots?

You can start creating calendar slots from two different places:

1. This icon on the Smart Email Editor bar:

2. From the Calendar category of the Smart Email Editor, and then click on Share Slots.

You will see a screen like this:

At the bottom, you have the different settings where you can:

  • Change the default name of the meeting
  • Choose the duration of the slots
  • Change the language of the slots

To create slots, you just need to click over the desired slots and drag to select the different slots. You can select slots from different days and there isn't a limit to how many slots you can share with a prospect.



Once you've selected all the calendar slots that you want, click on Insert & Close to include them inside of the e-mail body.



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